Thursday, 25 February 2016

Taxi for pets

Traveling is stressful but if you’ve pet it will be painful. This is not fact that if have pets, you have your own conveyance. About everyone like pets but their transportation is not easy. But this will be very tough to take care pets without have own conveyance. At the time of visit to veterinary doctor, it is very hard to find the source of their transportation. Some taxi drivers dislike providing transportation facility for pets. In public transport some people dislike pets. It will be very tough to carry heavy pets in your bag with yourself. 
Some taxi drivers have placards which show that pets are not allowed. In this situation some taxi companies welcome customers to provide them the transportation facility for pets. They provide special space for pets in the taxi.But we see that these taxi companies charge you extra for providing this facility. This is not fair attitude by taxi companies. 
 In my opinion there must be special transportation company in all the cities which provide pet’s transportation facility. They have to provide all kind of comfort in the vehicle for pets. For the purpose of pets transportation you must have early planning of traveling. Talk to transportation service provider and ask them different questions which rise in your mind, especially about the fare. Read the policy of Taxi Company about the pets. Never use public transport for your pets. Always hire a reputable taxi service.
While you are traveling from one state to other, this is not big issue. But if are using flight for pets transportation then you must have health card of pet. Keep it always in mind that the transportation of pets is always expensive. 

Sick pets are often cause of sickness for your pet. Try your best to transport your pet separately. Use some toys familiar to your pet during transportation. Especially take care for temperature while traveling with pet. Predator like snake, hawk and other related pets are also a big issue for transportation especially when we are in some remote area. Cats are very sensitive. Keep special care for them during journey. When you are going for long travel with your pets, care for their rest. Stop the car after every one hour for this purpose. Never leave your pet alone while traveling on the road. It can easily jump outside the car. Clipped the nail of your pet before traveling.


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