Monday, 8 February 2016

Problems of a taxi driver

Problems of a taxi driver
Taxi is a basic need of everyone. A large number of people travel by taxi daily because taxi is a reliable source of transportation. Here we are going disguise serious, some problems of taxi drivers.

We seem that the job of a taxi driver is very simple and easy. He just runs a car and provides transportation facility to the customers in a very simple way. But this is not reality. A taxi driver has to face many problems in his daily routine.

Transportation is a very sensitive job. A single mistake by the driver can because of casualties. A taxi driver remains alert and tense while driving.

His earning is not reasonable that he properly run his house. He cannot fulfill the desires of his family. He often works on commission base. Sometimes he never gets any customer the whole day. Taxi companies offer a very low salary for taxi drivers.

Increasing crime ratio on the road is also a big problem of taxi drivers. Taxi drivers are working 24 hours. They have to provide taxi service anytime and to anywhere in the city. The sometime taxi driver has to face robbery. Taxi drivers often arrest in the case of drug smuggling. Even though they are not involved in smuggling. We see often customer gets angry due to fare or any other matter.

Duty hours of taxi driver are very long. He does not care for his health. He works hard to survive. He remains worried and loses his health.

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