Thursday, 4 February 2016

Driving Tips

Children & Driving
Driving is a big subject nowadays, especially for children. Everyone should learn to drive and he/she must have a good knowledge of the rule and regulation regarding driving. Here we are going to disguise some important point regarding children driving. We detroit metro cars have big thing to make your travel easy and to keep you be aware drivers responsibilities

Almost all parents want their children to drive a car. The age range of a driver must be more than 18 years. Little, aged, drivers have often caused a major accident. We often see the accidents in which little children are being involved. So never allow your children to run a car on the highways.

The license must be mandatory for driving and government should take action against the violation of this rule.

Almost all the states of USA are issuing learner driving permit to 15 years of age, restricted license to 16 years and unrestricted license for 16.6 years.
Children must obtain training of driving from driving school. He/she has to continue practicing of driving for about 3 months.

He/she must know about the different road signals, driving signals, traffic signs, the difference between line and lane, traffic symbols and driving laws.
The drivers, working with “Detroit Metro Taxi Service” are very experienced and license holder. Our drivers are friendly and polite manner.

Here are the names of some good driving school working in Detroit MI.
1.       Motor city driving academy
2.       Detroit driving school
3.       Shondhan driving school


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