Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Complaints against taxis

Some taxi companies do not care for customers. The attitude of drivers is the main reason for complaints. They talk to customers in a very rude way and never show their positive attitude to customers. Customer disappointed by the rude attitude of the driver. He ever remembers this bad experience of taxi journey. Often driver charges extra amount as fare. When a customer refuses to pay the extra amount the driver gets angry and starts criticizing all the customers. He creates a very bad situation for the customer. Taxi drivers must have knowledge about different languages, especially English. This is also one reason of complaint by customers. Some new drivers have no good knowledge about the area and different routes of the city. Some taxi drivers do not care for their cleanliness. Some drivers are involved in sexual assaults. 
Some ordinary taxi companies do not care for the maintenance of vehicles. These vehicles often stop on the way. It causes a waste of time and waste of money. Customers often miss their flights and or any important meetings due to taxi.

Some taxi companies install damage meters in the taxis, due to which a customer has to pay an extra fare. Some drivers are involved in using drugs. It can because a major accident. 

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